Another Infectious Diseases Hospital for Patients with COVID-19 Will Be Built in Greater Moscow

News25 March 2020

Medical center with a patient capacity of 500, half of which is intensive care beds, will complement the in-patient clinic in Kommunarka and the Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital No.1.

Up to 40-50 billion rubles will be required for building of a modern infectious diseases center in Greater Moscow. Construction is planned to be completed in record time – by 4 April, Izvestia newspaper reports.

The newspaper points out that purchase of equipment will account for a significant proportion of the total project cost. In particular, this is because 250 out of 500 beds in the medical institution will be given to intensive care. The total area of the hospital will be about 70 thousand square meters. According to the source, up to 2,000 builders and 3,000 workers are involved in the construction of the center at the moment. While 6,000 people is expected to be present at the building site during the height of construction activity.

City holding Mosinzhproekt company is appointed a general contractor for the infectious diseases center building. Representatives of large Moscow companies also work at the site, they include DSK-1, PIK Group, Krost, MISK, etc.

Earlier Chinese authorities launched the construction of additional temporary hospitals. The building of the first in-patient clinic in Wuhan with a patient capacity of 1,000 took 10 days and was finished by 3 February. By 6 February another hospital for 1,600 patients was opened. Overall, Wuhan put into service 16 temporary hospitals against the background of the coronavirus outbreak, which were closed on 10 March. Now, according to the latest data, 90% of patients with COVID-19 in China have recovered.

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