Patient with Coronavirus Died Because of Thrombus Detachment

News21 March 2020

At first, Moscow Emergency Response Center for monitoring and controlling the coronavirus situation reported, that an elderly woman had died of pneumonia that she had developed against the background of diabetes, cardiac ischemia, kidney stone disease and other conditions. However, later they specified the cause of death.

A 79-year-old woman diagnosed with COVID-19 died in the Infectious Diseases Hospital No2 in Moscow. According to the recent update, given by the Emergency Response Center, the death occurred as the result of thrombus detachment and subsequent pulmonary artery occlusion. Earlier the center reported that the patient had died because of pneumonia associated with other severe health issues. However, later it turned out there were no changes in the lungs that could have proved pneumonia to be the cause of death.

The woman was hospitalized on 13 March. Initially, she was admitted to a private clinic and then transferred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital No2 on 16 March.

‘The first patient has died in Russia today. They will say because of coronavirus but actually it is not true. Not “because of” it but “having” it. In fact, all the aged in Lombardy are dying having it. The patient was almost 80 years old, she had diabetes and a severe heart condition. She even had stones in her bladder. She died because with all these health issues she had developed a community-acquired viral pneumonia. There are hundreds of thousands of people like her,’ writes the Head of AIDS.CENTER Foundation Board. ‘The woman was 80, they failed to save her life. But please ask yourself: How would you like to die at 80? At home surrounded by family or on a medical ventilator or even ECMO without regaining consciousness? Your blood would be full of bubbles like champagne and you would be in a coma. Life is good. But next year we will look at death rates. In Russia, China, Italy. In the whole world. And we’ll be surprised to see that coronavirus has not changed anything. On average, 1.5 thousand people per day die in Italy. About 4 thousand die in Russia. But Russia’s population is three times larger. Everything will be the same, except a couple of old bones killed by the world’s hysteria will pass away in tubes and wires but not in their children’s arms’.

According to the Italian health authorities research, mentioned by Bloomberg, over 99% of the country’s deceased patients diagnosed with coronavirus suffered from other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. 48.5% of the deceased had three or more conditions at the same time, 25.6% had two, 25.1% were ill with something else in addition to COVID-19 and just 0.8% suffered only from coronavirus.

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